Robert Puentes
Welcome. My name is Robert Puentes. I spent twenty-one years in the Marine Corps and have been a long time weight lifter, fitness enthusiast, and nutrition advocate.

While looking for high protein healthy cookies to snack on, I noticed every product had at least some ingredients that were either “health negative” or did not taste very good. That’s when I decided to make my own with the goal to make them good tasting and healthy. And so, the Gorilla Cookie was born.

Why are the cookies made from our mixes called Gorilla Cookies? Because Gorillas are considered one of the strongest animals in the world (they can lift 10 times their body weight), and humans can become stronger by adding more protein to their diet. Each gorilla cookie is power packed with 20 grams of whey protein. See our
Cookie Facts page for a list of ingredients.

We donate a portion of sales to various veteran organizations including Wounded Warriors.